Weight Goals

Bit of a personal post, but that’s why it’s here and not on my other blog…

I don’t make “New Year’s Resolutions”, but at the same time, having a clean starting date is pretty helpful for setting goals and tracking progress.

Several years ago I lost a bunch of weight, about 40 lbs (figuring from where I’ve mostly leveled out). Then, I also lost another 20 lbs when I was challenged by a friend. Unfortunately, I very quickly regained those last 20 since I didn’t lose them properly. This coming year (and I’ve already started), I’m aiming to lose them again, and see about keeping it off.

I don’t know much about genetics and other factors, so it may be that if I get to that weight it may not be “for me” but I at least want to give it a fair chance.

At this point, to hit that weight (which would be the lowest I’ve ever been in my adult life), I need to lose about 24 pounds. If I behave and don’t screw up, this could happen in 2.5 months – I could be there, or at least well on my way, by mid-March!

Another motivation I have, oddly, is my passport. It will be due for renewal sometime in the fall (expires in 2018), and my current picture is from before any weight loss – it makes me so sad.


According to an online calculator, my BMR is less than 1500. That means in order to create a significant calorie deficit, I’ll need to be more consistent with exercise. I’ve been a regular runner before, but that habit has slipped recently. I’ve signed up for a half marathon in June to hopefully get me going. I’ve also got some other fun runs in March and May.

I don’t drink soda regularly, but I do enjoy my coffee creamer. That stuff is sneaky… gotta make sure I account for those calories since I don’t have a lot of wiggle room.

Over-rewarding. When I do run, I have a tendency to justify anything I feel like eating. Must remember that you can’t outrun a bad diet. A 5k only burns off about 6 regular Oreos.

I’ll also plan on posting updates on my progress. And if successful, a post wrapping up my efforts so maybe someone else can be motivated.